Corporate Social Responsibility

Women empowerment as a part of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Mr.K Shyam Prasad, Founder and Managing Director Vidya Group of Companies, Provided financial support to cover education fees for girl students During the Yaksha Druva Patla Sambrama 2023 at Mangalore, INDIA

Free Primary Hospital by Vidya Herbs - initiative by Vidya Herbs under CSR Activity. 

Hi-tech touch for a primary health center in Hiremagaluru, Karnataka, INDIA : Donor support

Construction of 8 well-furnished rooms by Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd for the 40-year-old center

What is in the new building?

There are dressing rooms, two halls, an office, a pharmacy, a lab technician room, a women's and men's ward, and emergency treatment rooms. The rooms are built as no less than any private hi-tech hospital. Apart from this, a canteen has been opened which provides free coffee, tea, and porridge to the patients coming to the hospital.

This kind of service took place behind the scenes in Hiremagalur. The primary health center building here has been given a high-tech touch by donors.

The health center, which was being run in a 40-year-old building, had enough doctors, staff and rooms, but they were not in good condition. Vidya Coffee (Vidya Herbs Private Limited), a coffee industry organization, came forward to construct a new building for this hospital.

On June 6, 2022, Our Founder & Managing Director Mr.Shyamprasad Kodimule performed the Guddali puja for the building construction work. A new hospital building has been constructed at the cost of around 2 crores.

On 3rd March, 2023, the new hospital was inaugurated by Our Founder & Managing Director Mr.Shyamprasad Kodimule. 

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