Allergen-Free Acne Therapy


  • Acne Vulgaris: More Than Just a Teenage Dilemma

    A global concern, acne vulgaris affects 9.4% of the global populace, touching the lives of both adolescents and adults alike. This condition, characterized by various types of skin lesions ranging from blackheads to inflammatory papules, has substantial psychological repercussions, impacting self-esteem and even causing anxiety and depression.

  • The Problem with Conventional

    Treatments, such as the anti-seborrheic medications, anti-androgen medications, and hormonal therapy, do exist. However, these avenues promote side effects such as irritant dermatitis, skin dryness, redness, peeling, increased sensitivity to the sun, and often require additional antibiotics.

  • An Allergen-Free Herbal Remedy

    Introducing Kūlaris™. Rooted in a potent blend of guggul and konjac potato extract, Kūlaris™ is backed by rigorous clinical research. A study involving 30 subjects unveiled a significant reduction in acne lesions, highlighting its effectiveness as a natural remedy against acne vulgaris.

Mean change in inflammatory lesion count
Mean change in total acne lesion count

The Ideal Skin-Care Solution

Kūlaris' innovative formulation, combined with its promising clinical results, position it as the ideal ingredient for the most effective skin-care products on the market. For those seeking an allergen-free, natural, and effective solution, Kūlaris™ emerges with the answer.

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